Northeast Ohio Wedding Photography


Tracy Heck photography specializes in Wedding and Commercial photography. Her preferred shooting style is "lurking". Capturing real moments when people aren't hyper aware of the camera. Peaking through plants and other objects create a unique perspective that is artistically framed and emotionally charged. With two photographers as historians, your wedding day will be captured in a way that tells your story and creates a piece of art that will spark your memory for a lifetime. Little posing and interference help you achieve the wedding day experience you have worked so hard to create. 

Are you a good fit for THP?

Couples that are fun, creative and laid back are a perfect fit for THP. You will spend more time with your photographer on your wedding day than almost anyone else. To insure a low stress, pleasant day, we meet with all our potential couples and maintain contact throughout your planning process. Bridezillas need not apply...

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